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Cheryl was instrumental in organizing and reviewing/creating Policies and Standards. Cheryl is a high-character, high-energy, security professional with a broad set of skills and the ability to succeed in multiple roles. She was a great resource. ~ A. Heins, CHS (now CISO at Lifepoint Health)

Cheryl Austin is the principal consultant and writer behind Austin Strategic Partners and Articulate Strategies. With a unique blend of talents, she's a standout! Here's what some of her former clients think.

Cheryl’s presentation to my class was informative and engaging. The students interacted with her presentation style, which is out of the ordinary for many college students. The class stayed engaged and continued to discuss the topic of the changing IT environment for several days following the presentation. Cheryl picked the right points to emphasize and the right means to convey the topic to the audience. Many thanks to Cheryl for her time and effort in a great presentation.  ~  T.J. Tabernik, Professor, Information Technology, Trevecca University

Cheryl is willing to tackle difficult problems directly. She takes the time to consider all possible options and then is willing to commit to one and keep moving forward. Excellent decision maker. ~ D. Feenstra, Sr. Product Architect, Passport Health Communications

Cheryl's broad capabilities and her in-depth understanding of most every aspect of our business allowed us to utilize her in many facets of our business. I found her work ethic and problem-solving skills to be quite excellent. She has proven this on many fronts which is a testament to her broad range of experience and capabilities. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, communication skills, and tenacious drive are second to none. I could always count on her to deliver on a task. ~ R. B. Greenway, Dir. of Product Development, DataCentric Automation

She was always willing to "go the extra mile" to finish a project or make a deadline. Cheryl possesses excellent technial skills and very high attention to detail. Cheryl shows a willingness and ability to take ownership of projects and deliver results. ~ D. Weaver, PhD, Pharmacology, Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology

As an owner of an e-learning company, voice-overs and content are very important to our business. Cheryl does a great job of editing content I have written. She is very good at researching and writing original content. Her voice-overs are professional and liked by my clients. That's the best way to judge that I know. ​~ B. Duthie, CEO, Duthie Learning

I feel I can highly recommend her for (her) technical prowess, attention to detail, teamwork and organizational skills. Cheryl has consistently and patiently listened to the needs of the users and designed the processes needed to meet and exceed their operational requirements. Cheryl possesses the distinct characteristic of not only addressing and resolving the immediate need, but of proactively researching how today's parameters will affect the company's productivity in the future. I feel that Cheryl would be an asset to any organization desiring to achieve a higher standard in quality and performance." ~ M. Devasher, Solution Point

We continue to be impressed with Cheryl’s insight. She is quite talented in the ability to analyze systems objectively, in a short period of time, with little to go on. She did a fantastic job! This is exactly what I wanted. Her extensive background in healthcare IT and understanding of organizational analytics are exceptional. Cheryl was able to help me choose the most appropriate and cost effective approach. Her work was thorogh, expedient and amazingly comprehensive. I can highly recommend Cheryl Austin. ~ G. Stone, President/CEO, ReDoc Software

Cheryl digs in and finds the core issues that need to be addressed and gets to work addressing them. ~ R. McKay, Data Analyst, Passport Health Communications (now with WellPath)

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