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Did you know that the quality of your communications - including your grammar, spelling, and punctuation - has a direct effect on your image and your sales?  In one study, the majority of people said they wouldn't trust a company to provide good quality service if the company's website had poor grammar and spelling.  In fact, they found that even a single spelling mistake cut online sales by half!   Even authors – people whose professional career is writing – have editors!  Do you need one?  

Why We're Different...  and valued by our customers

I took a different path into the fields of technical writing and business communications.  I have advanced degrees in engineering, scientific, and medical disciplines, and over 20 years of first-hand experience in the industry, domain, or with the technology about which I write.  I don't just wordsmith or "pretty up" content others write (though I can do that, too). I have a unique understanding of your environment, and can jump in and contribute value to your business.  And my passion doesn't stop there!  I have the depth and breadth of knowledge to creatively craft solutions, and then deliver on them - on-time and on budget - and I never compromise ethics or integrity.  In short, I make you look good!

Expertise in Project Management, Information Technology, Security, Healthcare, Business Strategy, Medical/Scientific/Engineering Disciplines, Voice-over Narrations, Training,  and more!

Helping You Put Your Best Foot Forward

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The adage "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" is more true today then ever. Austin Strategic Partners helps you put your best foot forward. Whether it's web content, training videos, technical manuals, or presentations, we help communicate the details and image you wish to project in an effective and budget-conscious manner. Boost your business communications to a new level of excellence by making us your strategic partner. Contact us for a free consultation.