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​ Creativity in Business & Technical Communications

The following are examples of videos done for an HVAC company: I wrote the scripts, did the voice-over narrations, and the video production.  The photography and music are not original.  

The following are examples of videos done for various companies: I wrote the scripts and did the voice-over narrations, but was not responsible for the photography and video production.  

Real Estate Promotional Video: I wrote the script, did voice-over narration, and all video production, combining photography and music. 

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Podcasts:   I provide voice narration for these podcasts.

Samples of Voice-Over Narrations, Videos, Podcasts

Voice-Over Narrations & Videos

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Don't tell me, show me. YouTube videos. Social Media. Business communications has taken on a whole new look and feel. We have an experienced voice-over artist with a non-regional dialect available for all your voice-over needs. Best yet, we can create and edit the script and do the audio & video production. Just another way Austin Strategic Partners is different!

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  • Audio Books
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Things I can't show you:    I created online quizzes, contests, promotional games with prizes for participants, and other things to generate customer engagement online. None are active now, so I cannot show you   I also created various online courses which are posted on, but you must be a member to enroll and see the courses.

                         As an owner of an e-learning company, voice-overs and content are very important to our business.  Cheryl does a great job of editing content I have written. She is very good at researching and writing original content.  Her voice-overs are professional and liked by my clients. That's the best way to judge that I know.  

~ Bob Duthie, CEO, Duthie Learning