Management and IT-related Writing Samples:

Hospital Information Systems Plan1 and Plan2: Excerpts from draft materials. I've written IT Strategic Plans for several organizations.

IT Security Handbook and Procedures: Drafts of materials for IT managers at member hospitals.

HIS Project Plan: Sample project plan done for a hospital under construction. Goal was to be fully operational on an EMR opening day.

​IT Strategic Planning EngagementNotes for a consulting hospital engagement.

Methodology for Prioritizing Projects          Performance Evaluation Grids           Risk Management Framework

IT Disaster Plan: Preliminary draft of one example. I've written several plans for several organizations.

Original Articles Published Online

Misc. Business Writing Examples:

Case Study of A Business Assessment

Changing Roles of IT Professionals: Presentation given at Trevecca University.

Common Mistakes When Implementing Compliance Projects: Presentation given at PMI Healthcare Seminar.

ARRA 2009 Summary:  I summarized the healthcare aspects of this 407-page landmark legislation into a single page.

PMO Organization:  An excerpt from an RFP response.

RFP:  Written to solicit vendors for a hospital campus network.

Are We All Doomed?:  Article written for PMI Newsletter.

Management Seminar:  Summary of leadership sessions I presented to company senior management.

​​Wikipedia Biography of Brad Cole:  The life of noted singer-songwriter, Brad Cole.

Samples of Technical Writing

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Below are samples of writing I've done for clients throughout my career. I protect my clients' confidentiality and proprietary material, so I am not able to provide current samples of completed work products. Below you'll find some interim drafts of older or redacted materials. Hopefully, these will provide you a glimpse of the depth and breadth of my writing and technical skills. Looking for something in particular? Ask me.

Writing for Technical Audiences:

Product Conversion Instructions: Procedural step-by-step instructions to allow a field technician to modify/upgrade equipment.

​Fiber Optic Router Manual.          Software Application Testing Strategy            Software Release Versioning

Review of Agile Project Tracking Software:  I was asked to evaluate project management tools for Agile project tracking that interfaced with TFS (Team Foundation Services). These are my notes from product evaluations, not part of a formal vendor comparison presentation.

EV Chart Alternatives: Explored alternative ways of tracking earned value in an Agile/scrum environment.

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Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trial, and Laboratory-related Writing Samples:

Outreach Communications with Workflows: Overview of clinical trial communications to patients & doctors.

Patient Handout andCall Center Phone Script: Handout explains clinical trial to patient. Phone script qualifies patient for clinical trial.

Drug Discovery Laboratory Equipment User Manuals: Sample1 (interactive) and Sample2 (an excerpt from an online Help System).

Presentation for Drug Discovery Lab Equipment: Excerpts from PowerPoint technical sales presentation.

IT Security & HIPAA Policies & Procedures:  Much of my technical writing has involved creating policies, procedures, and standards for various organizations, primarily to address HIPAA, data security, compliance, and technical needs. I also wrote associated training materials, job descriptions,workflows,and checklists/forms to implement the policies/procedures, and created procedures for auditing/verifying them.

Password Standards      Patch Management Standard     Encryption Policy

 Audit Procedures     Server Room Access     Data & Eq Disposal Policy     Removable Media Policy      SSO Job Description       

On-Boarding Checklist and Data Sanitization Checklist: These are interactive forms to ensure procedures were followed in a consistent manner and that the process would be self-documenting. 

Security Training:  Checklist     Quiz Questions